Cut Your Morning Routine in Half With Microblading

Getting ready in the morning is always a challenge, and most people have a million things to do before they can walk out the door. The microblading treatment can cut your morning routine in half and giving you back valuable minutes. 

Our team at Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute has one goal, and that’s to make you look and feel great. Our medical spa in Elgin, Illinois, offers a full menu of treatments and services designed specifically for your personal goals and needs. Microblading takes away the time consuming process of coloring and grooming your eyebrows and provides a long-lasting solution. Let us help you take things off your plate and give you part of your morning back. 

The microblading process

The idea of semi-permanent makeup is something many women love. It saves time when getting ready in the morning to go to work, or in the evening and on weekends when going out. It also saves a lot of money on cosmetics and grooming tools. The process is like a tattoo, but it doesn’t go as deep into the skin.

Our expertly trained aesthetician numbs the area about 30 minutes ahead of time, and then uses the microblading tool and its microneedles to make tiny incisions or cuts into your brows. These are then filled with the perfect pigment to create the exact color you want. And the strokes look like your actual eyebrow hair, so the results are completely natural looking. The difference is that your new eyebrows can last 12-18 months or longer.

We advise pregnant women or those with certain skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or skin allergies to avoid the procedure. Since we have a medical staff, we discuss your specific health history and make sure you’re up to the treatment. While beauty is significant, your safety and health are the most important things for us. 

Microblading after care

For the first two days, you may notice redness and darker color to your brows. This will settle down. The area may also have skin flake off and look irritated. Complications are rare, but if you have any issues, call us immediately.

Keep an eye on the area and if you see any signs of infection, we’ll have you come right back in. The full healing process is about two weeks, and we explain what you need to do at home to heal more quickly. You have to keep the area dry for at least 10 days, and you shouldn’t wear makeup for about a week. We always encourage you to wear sunscreen and sunglasses for obvious health reasons, but it actually prolongs the color of your eyebrows, as well. 

While you may be itchy and have some irritation, we provide you with topical ointment or cream that provides relief. Just don’t scratch at the area or do things that will cause you to get too hot or sweat. Once the area is fully healed, you’ll have a follow up with us, and you’ll want to do a touch up treatment every once in a while depending on how the brows look. 

Microblading saves time with the perfect brows

The first procedure can last up to two hours. And we recommend a follow up treatment every six months, and those will take less time. While there is an initial investment of time and money, the microblading treatment will eliminate the time spent on penciling, coloring, brushing, and grooming your brows.

If you’re ready to cut your morning routine in half and have amazing-looking eyebrows, then microblading is the perfect choice. Come in to discuss the treatment, as well as any other procedures you’re interested in. Call us or use the handy book online tool. 

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