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Keep Your Resolution This Year With Our Medical Weight Loss Program

It’s that time of year again — everyone is thinking about being their best selves and maybe regretting overdoing it on holiday cookies and treats. The New Year inspires resolutions for better health, weight loss, and other areas of self-improvement. Are your goals off to a good start? If you’re already struggling, you’re not alone. Around 25% of people who make resolutions are still committed after 30 days on only 8% actually achieve their goals.

Don’t let this discourage you! If your goal is to lose weight this year, why not give yourself the best chances of reaching your goals by joining our medical weight loss program. Our team here at Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute in Elgin, Illinois, provides customized medical weight loss programs to help you reach your goals and maintain your weight loss.

What to expect during a medical weight loss program 

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your physical, mental, and emotional health. We work with you to identify your ideal weight as a long-term goal as well as smaller milestones and non-scale victories to work toward and keep you motivated as you transform your life.

Our expert weight loss physicians work with you to create meal plans that are delicious and fulfilling while still creating a calorie deficit. We can help you find physical activities that you enjoy and incorporate them into your daily routine. We can also prescribe medication, B12 injections, and meal replacement shakes, depending on your needs.


We also offer supervised hCG plans to help you kickstart your diet. hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that increases during pregnancy. It affects how your body stores and uses fat and can reduce your appetite. We prescribe hCG supplements in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet.

Our doctors supervise your health and progress throughout your weight loss journey. You have regular appointments to weigh in and talk to your provider about any issues you have. We can adjust your meal plans and prescriptions as needed to help you get past weight loss plateaus. Checking in regularly with the weight loss team also provides a certain degree of motivation and accountability that can help you stay on track between visits. 


Once you reach your weight loss goals, your journey isn’t over. You can’t go back to your old eating and exercise habits if you want to maintain your new slim figure and improved health. Throughout your weight loss journey, we help you make small, sustainable changes that you can continue when you reach your ideal weight. Our team can identify your daily caloric needs and adjust your meal plans so that you consume enough calories to supply your body with sufficient energy every day without overeating.

Contact us today for the personalized help you need to keep your weight loss resolution. Call the practice or schedule a consultation online.

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