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Losing Weight Lowers Your Risk of These Chronic Conditions

Being overweight or obese is a well-known risk factor for a large number of conditions. However, despite the health risks, many Americans have difficulty losing weight. Estimates showing that each year 45 million Americans are on a diet, yet 160 million Americans are either overweight or obese

Our team at Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute uses a combination of supplements and a supervised diet to promote long-term, sustainable weight loss for our patients in Elgin, Illinois. As advocates of prevention, we also want you to be aware of what health conditions you are at risk for when carrying a few extra pounds and how weight loss can mitigate them. 

Type 2 diabetes 

Obesity is the primary risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. Studies show that those with class 1 obesity have a 28 times greater risk for type 2 diabetes, while those with class 2 obesity have a 93 times greater risk for type 2 diabetes.

Keep in mind that type 2 diabetes is the second biggest killer in the United States. Fortunately, you can beat the odds. Even modest weight loss is shown to greatly decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes.

Heart disease 

Excess body fat can lead to heart disease in several ways, including atrial and ventricular enlargement, calcium deposits inside your arteries, and more. 

Excess body fat can indirectly lead to heart issues by promoting poor sleep, metabolic diseases, and high blood pressure. The good news is that losing even as little as 5-10% of your body weight can improve the markers for heart disease


Being overweight and obese often comes with low-levels of chronic inflammation, which can lead to DNA damage over time. This increases your risk of developing cancerous cells

Carrying a few extra pounds is also associated with an increase in insulin levels and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), a growth hormone that can also lead to tumor growth. 

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs when fat builds up in the liver. Some fat in the liver is normal, but if your liver’s fat percentage exceeds 5-10%, then you have what’s considered to be a fatty liver. Studies suggest that being overweight or obese is a significant risk factor for fatty liver disease because it’s associated with insulin resistance. 

Losing weight and cutting sugar from your diet can improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce your risk of accumulating extra fat in your liver. If found early, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is reversible. 

Learn more about medical weight loss

You might ask yourself, “How do you determine whether you’re overweight, obese, or at normal body weight?” If you know your weight and height, you can use online calculators to determine your body mass index (BMI). 

If you can’t lose weight on your own, we can help you with a few established dietary approaches, including the HCG weight loss program, supplements designed to suppress appetite, and B12 injections for energy.

Lose weight and reduce your risk for chronic conditions by scheduling an appointment with us in Elgin, Illinois.

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