Why Photofacials Have Such a High Satisfaction Rate (100% on RealSelf)

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Today, there are lots of facial procedures out there that can help you get more radiant, healthier-looking skin, and although they can all be effective for the right patients, few treatments receive a standing ovation from every single patient. That's because many skin treatments have limitations that make them more effective in specific groups of people, like people with certain types of skin or who have specific issues they're trying to address. But among all these options, photofacials are the exception. According to the website RealSelf, photofacials have consistently earned top marks from people who've had the procedure. In fact, photofacials are one of the only cosmetic treatments to have earned a perfect 100 percent score. That kind of score may be rare, but when it comes to photofacials, it's not undeserved. Here are seven reasons why so many people love photofacials.

It’s a safe and effective treatment for anti-aging

Photofacials are completely noninvasive, which means you won’t have incisions or scarring afterward. Plus, because they use multiple wavelengths (broadband light) instead of the intense, focused beams used by lasers, IPL is gentler to your skin while still effectively eliminating or reducing many of the signs of aging.

It doesn't hurt

IPL is designed to be effective but gentle. Most patients report only mild discomfort, and some say it's not uncomfortable at all.

You can treat multiple issues in one session

IPL is great for treating wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sun spots, freckles, diffuse redness (including rosacea), and uneven skin tone and texture. And because you can address multiple issues in one session, photofacials are very convenient, even for people with super-busy schedules.

There’s no downtime

One of the biggest benefits of photofacials is that you can get right back to your regular routine after your treatment session. There’s no need to plan out a recovery period. Most patients report the only aftereffect is some temporary mild redness.

It increases collagen production

The energy used in an IPL treatment doesn’t just treat superficial issues. It also penetrates skin’s deeper layers, promoting the development of collagen. Collagen is one of the most important factors for keeping our skin resilient and firm, so your skin looks and feels fresher and younger.

Your complexion will look better

In addition to treating specific problems like age spots and wrinkles, photofacials work to tighten and tone your skin, evening out areas of hyperpgimentation while reducing pore size, so your skin looks beautiful and healthy — even up close.

You can have more than one treatment

Photofacials aren’t “rough” on your skin, so you can schedule a series of treatments to maintain your results over time. In fact, many patients find they achieve the best results when they schedule more than one photofacial treatment to help them refine their appearance even more.

During your treatment

Those are some of the reasons why photofacials are so popular among both women and men. But you may still be wondering what the treatment involves. It's actually pretty simple. Treatment begins with application of a special cooling gel. The gel keeps your skin comfortable throughout your treatment, and it also helps the special hand applicator stay in good contact with your skin. Once the gel is applied, the applicator is moved over the surface of your skin while the pulsed light is emitted from the underside of the device.

As the applicator moves across your skin, you may feel a mild stinging sensation or increased warmth in the treatment area. That’s the light energy penetrating your skin to reach the areas of damaged tissue. Most treatments take about 15 to 30 minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll be free to go about your business. 

Ideal candidates for IPL

Because it's so mild and has so many applications, photofacials can be a great choice for lots of people. Ideal candidates are those who:

For people who don't fall into these categories, Nu Image Aesthetics offers alternative treatments that can help them get the results they want.

Learn more about photofacials

Photofacials could be just what you're looking for to help you look your best in 2019. To learn more about photofacials at Nu Image Aesthetics, book an appointment online today.

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