Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for a Facial Peel

facial peel

Benefits of winter peels

Facial peels help our skin renew itself by gently sloughing off the upper layers of dry, dead, dull skin so healthier skin underneath is revealed. At Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute, we offer an array of peels, ranging from mild to deep. Peels can help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars (including acne scars), and some peels can even help reduce breakouts. You can tap into all those benefits no matter what time of year it is. But there are some reasons why having a peel in the winter just makes sense.

There’s less sun

Peels reveal that healthy, new skin under the dead layers of upper tissue. And that new skin can be super sensitive to the sun. It’s a good idea to limit your sun exposure during the healing phase following a peel, and since we naturally get less sunlight in the winter, you’re a lot less likely to overdo your sun exposure at this time of year compared to the super-sunny months of summer. It’s like having added sun protection built in!  

You’re inside more

Nobody knows winter cold better than those of us who make Illinois our home, and while being cooped up indoors where it’s warm may not be quite as much fun as enjoying the great outdoors, spending time inside also means you’re not getting as much sun exposure. Combined with lower levels of natural sunlight, hanging out indoors makes it even easier to avoid overexposure.

You’ll be ready for spring

Except for the very mildest versions, most peels involve some flaking afterward. Flaking is part of your skin’s healing process, and all that shedding is what helps your skin feel smoother and look healthier, fresher, and more youthful after a peel. Still, it’s not your most attractive look. By getting the flaking over with during the winter months, your skin will look fresh and amazing for warm weather gatherings and summer vacation. Plus, if your skin can benefit from a series of peels, having them done now means you can devote your summer to fun and relaxation.

And there’s another bonus to having a peel in the winter: It can help your moisturizer (and other skincare products) work better. By removing the upper layer of dead skin, it’s easier for face products like serums and moisturizers to penetrate. That’s a benefit you can enjoy no matter when you have your peel, but it can be especially helpful during winter when you really need all the moisturizing benefits you can get.

Which peel is right for you?

Peels are great on their own, but they're even better when they're used in combination with other facial products designed to re-energize and rejuvenate your skin. At Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute, we offer custom treatment plans to help patients get the best skincare and spa treatments for their needs, their lifestyle, and their goals. To learn more about the peel products we offer and to schedule a session with one of our skilled providers, contact the practice today

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