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Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute

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The staff at Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute, an aesthetic med spa in Elgin, Illinois provides massage therapy for residents of Elgin as well as surrounding communities such as Sycamore and South Barrington. Many people who have come here for massage therapy often recommend the institute to others in the area.



Massage Therapy Q&A


What Is a Massage Therapy Appointment Like?

A massage therapy appointment will start like most appointments, with a little paperwork. Patients are usually asked to fill out a health history form before the massage therapist begins their work. The massage therapist will ask a few questions about particular issues or concerns and then determine the most appropriate type of massage.

Once they begin, the massage therapist will continue massaging until the treatment is over. Patients are welcome to talk or remain silent during this time. Afterward, the massage therapist will check with the patient to make sure the massage was enjoyable, and she or he may make recommendations for future massage treatments.

How Long Are Massage Therapy Appointments?

Massage therapy appointments vary in length. They may last a few minutes or more than an hour. The duration of the appointment depends on the area being massaged and the type of massage being performed.

What Should Patients Wear to a Massage Therapy Appointments?

Patients are welcome to wear almost anything they’d like to a massage therapy appointment. Before the session actually begins, patients are usually asked to change either into a robe that the spa supplies or get under a sheet. Because patients must at least undress the area being worked on, it doesn’t matter what they wear to an appointment.

Is Massage Therapy Covered by Health Insurance?

When performed for medical reasons, massage therapy might be covered by some health insurance policies. Because all policies have their own terms and conditions, patients should check with their insurer to see whether they have coverage for massage therapy sessions.

What Should Patients Look for When Selecting a Spa?

When choosing an aesthetic med spa for massage therapy, patients should look for a spa that has a licensed massage therapist on staff. Licensed massage therapists have gone to school for massage therapy and are highly trained in their field.

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